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 Chennai vs Rajasthan - 17th T20

Match on:  20th April 2018
Venue: Pune

Toss predictions:

Stars are indicating Rajasthan will win the toss.

Astro Analysis:

The match will be tough and critical. The teams who will bat first will have to face problems in early overs, wicket fall situation will also be there and run rate will be slow too. Gradually there will be improvement but first inning will be difficult. Second inning will be comparatively better but very stressful. As far as concern about Rajasthan, early wicket fall will be there but they will make up it. Fluctuation will be seen from Rajasthan side. On other hand, Chennai will show their excellence. Though there will be little struggle for Chennai but good strokes will be seen from Chennai side. And luck will favour Chennai at last.


Chennai: 52% | Rajasthan : 48%


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