Date : 9/28/2023 - 9/28/2023

Monetary position improves as all pending payments get cleared. It will enable you to clear all pending bills and immediate expenses thus bringing mental peace. At this crucial juncture you must use your important contacts to find new sources of income. Their help might give you an opportunity to use surplus money in some lucrative schemes. Romantic feelings are likely to be reciprocated to renew affair. It is time to refresh your friendship by reliving some golden memories. This would help in experiencing the ecstasy of love in this renewed relationship. Colleagues will support you to make dynamic and progressive changes at work. You also need to prop yourself to take swift action. Motivating subordinates to work harder would yield positive results. Donít waste your vital energy on unnecessary imagination. Keep in mind that we donít gain anything from this. Better to conserve it to channelise for doing something meaningful in life.



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