Date : 4/1/2018 - 8/26/2018

Money & Career Horoscope


Use your head rather than your heart when it comes to financial decisions.  There is no point in clinging on to a house if you are feeling stressed out due to the credit-payments every month.  Just let go and enjoy the happiness that comes from such a decision.  Speculative activities are not your cup of tea this month. Even if you are a hardened investor who has weathered many a fluctuation of the markets, it is best to adopt a safe approach this month.  There will be no shortage of funds to cater to your essential expenditure as long as you do not lose out large chunks in impulsive trading activities. You are prone to over-working yourself.  Charm your way through professional negotiations and win even tough adversaries to your side by calculated doses of flattery.  Associates and subordinates will be generally supportive of you in your professional routines.  You are prone to absent-minded errors in accounts, and hence you should double-check important documents.  You will enjoy a normal dose of luck in professional matters, and your success will generally in proportion to your efforts. All your dreams come true. There will be increase in wealth.


Love & Relationships Horoscope


You will be restricted by family considerations when planning leisure time activities.  You will rather prefer solitude or travel to elusive places amidst the Welcoming Bossoms of Nature, but social commitments will force you to endure the company of persons from the concrete jungles!  There could be important issues to be resolved in the lives of your loved ones be it their professional preoccupations or domestic responsibilities to their branch of the family.


Education & Travel Horoscope


You will get chance of travelling abroad. You confidence level is on increase.  This month is not favorable for students. It is a tough time. Pre-planning and hard work is necessary. You have to put your best efforts so that you can perform well atmosphere of confusion will be created. Long distance traveling is indicated and it is fruitful.


Health & Fitness Horoscope


You will generally enjoy good health. You should be more careful while driving vehicles, or handling machinery during the summer months. Those above 50 years should watch their weight and strive to keep their vital physiological statistics (blood pressure, weight, heart-rate, etc.) within the normal range by regular walk and regulated diet.

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