Date : 8/18/2018 - 8/18/2018

You may surprise others by taking a completely different path. You are not a person who takes challenges with ease. However, hard may be the situation, do not let others get the better of you. Your friends and close associates may know your thought process and will not be surprised. Keep yourself out of circulation and do not take sides if there is controversy at your place of work. You should be careful of people who may be manipulative by nature. There is some possibility that someone may want to play the fool with you. Students will do well today. Do not take it to heart what your near ones say. You have been supportive and acted as a source of inspiration for them. Domestic tension may become somewhat stable once you can cut down on your expenditure. You may have new friends coming into your life. Do not day dream now however tempting the thought may seem. You might get hurt and feel depressed. Take matters as they come. The situation is delicate so do not be insistent. You may now want to implement certain changes that have been put on hold for some time.


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